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  • Waterway Poly Storm Roto Thread-In Jet-Stainless, 229-8011S


    Waterway Poly Storm Roto Thread-In Jet-Stainless- 229-8011S for Hot Tubs.

    This thread-in diffuser, screw-in to the inside threaded jet body with clockwise rotation.

    This jet internal comes in different styles depend on the hot tub manufacturers.

    Since the diffuser or the back of the jet white piece is same, you can interchange any poly storm thread-in jet and no need to be in the exact place in your Hot Tub.

    Certainly, you can mix and match with roto, directional or massage jets.

    Out side diameter of the jet face is 3-3/8”. Length of the jet is 4-5/16”

    Jet come in Black or Grey.