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Ultra Spa Water Conditioner (800g) SpaBoss

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Spa Boss Ultra Spa designed specifically for spas and Hot Tubs.

Conditions and clarifies the water to increase your enjoyment.

Maximise the effectiveness of other spa chemicals.


Initial Dosage-add 200 g of Ultra-Spa to each 1000 litres of spa water by sprinkling over the water surface with the filter operating.

Weekly Dosage- add 2 capfuls of Ultra-Spa per 1000 litres to maintain effectiveness.

Following application of Ultra-Spa, adjust the pH level to 7.2 7.6.

Ultra-Spa formulation is compatible with all water conditioners and chemical design to Spa and Hot tub use. Do not mix with other chemicals before adding to the spa water.

Check chemical level weekly. Sanitizer should be 2 to 3 ppm of available chlorine or 4 to 6 ppm available bromine. Maintain recommended levels.