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STAIN CONTROL in Spas and Hot Tubs from Sani-Marc

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STAIN CONTROL in Spas and Hot Tubs from Sani-Marc

Eliminate and controls iron, copper and manganese in spa water

STAIN CONTROL naturally prevents staining and water coloration from metals in spa water. Used on a regular basis, it also prevents corrosion of spa equipment.

In addition, STAIN CONTROL eliminates and prevents scale build-up on spa surfaces.

Spa can be used immediately after the addition of STAIN CONTROL.

It is natural and biodegradable formula also makes it safe for the environment and does not add phosphates to the water.

Directions for use:

For initial fill, add directly to fresh water 60 ml of STAIN CONTROL per 1000 L of spa water

If water is extremely hard, double the dosage to 120 ml

Once the spa is full wait 1 hour before adding the sanitizer.

Ensure that the sanitizer level remains between 3 to 5 ppm during treatment

Rinse the spa cartridge regularly during the first week

Once a week , for maintenance purposes, add 15 ml of STAIN CONTROL per 1000L of spa water.