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Spa Clear 500ml(Spa Boss)


Spa Clear (Spa Boss)

·         Super highly-concentrated clarifier.

·         Adds brilliance back to spa water.

·         Aides filter in removing suspended particles.

·         Non-toxic.

·         Will not effect pH level.

·         Reduce chlorine demand when used regularly.

·         Restores water clarity.

Directions for use:

Initial Dosage:

1.    1.When the spa has sufficient water, turn on filtering equipment.

2.    Add 15 ml of spa clear per 1000 litres.

3.    do not turn off filer for at least 2 hours.

Weekly maintenance:

1.    1.Add 10 ml of spa clear per 1000 litres.

2.    In case of persistent cloudy water, add 15 ml of Spa Clear and 100 g of Spa Shock per 1000 litres.

3.    Adjust pH if necessary to 7.2 -7.6. Clean the filter after two hours of operation