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Spa Ball(Aqua Magic)


Pool & Spa-Ball

Spa Ball absorbs body oils and sun tan oils in both swimming pools and spas.

It sits in your spas filter box, and its unique flow-through design allows water to pass through the ball, while simultaneously removing dirt and debris from the water.

Using the Spa Ball will increase your filters life and efficiency.

Spa-ball helps prevent foaming, and get rid of the scum line at water level.

Separate Spa pad helps to wipe off excess scum and oil at water level. Use weekly to prevent any build up on the shell.


Place the Spa-Ball in the skimmer or directly in the pool or spa.

Check periodically that Spa-Ball is not saturated.

When Spa-Ball is saturated it will turn dark in color and sit low in the water. Spa-Ball will then have absorbed 20 times it weight. Replace with a new unit.