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  • Cluster Storm Jet Body 3/4"RB x 3/8"RB /228-1550G for Hot Tub


    Waterway Cluster Storm Jet Body, 3/4" Barb X 3/8" Barb, 228-1550G for Hot Tubs.

    Jet connection inside is by screw type

    This jet body includes a nut and a flat gasket.

    3/4” Barb for water line and 3/8” barb for air line.

    Outer Face Diameter 2”, Inside diameter of the hole 1-1/5”

    Other parts you may need

    3/4" Clear Tubing

    Barb Clamp ¾

    3/4 Smooth Barb Coupler (419-0900) or

    1/2" Spig x 3/4" Barbed Coupler (425-1000) or

    3/4" Spig x 3/4" Barbed Coupler (425-1030)

    3/8" ID x 1/2" OD-Tubing (per ft)Jet Line.

    3/8 Barbed Coupler

    3/8" Barb Clamp

          Primer & Glue