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Chlorine Granular (1.5kg)/ Spa Boss

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Chlorine Granular (1.5kg)/ Spa Boss for Hot Tub & Pool

DIRECTIONS FOR USE -Chlorine Granule

Maintain recommended levels as determined by testing kits.

     Free available chlorine :1.0 ppm-3.0 ppm pH: 7.2-7.8

     Total Alkalinity:100-120ppm Calcium Hardness: 150-200 ppm

Super chlorinate a freshly filled spa by adding 20g of chlorine Granules per 1000 of spa water. Maintain water circulation for at least 15 minutes before using. Repeat super chlorination procedure after each use period.

Maintain proper chlorine residual by adding daily, 10g of Chlorine per 1000 L of spa water, or as needed.

Persistent foam formation, turbid or malodourous water are indication of inadequate sanitizer levels. To correct such conditions, super chlorinate spa water by adding 30g per 1000 L. Maintain circulation for at least 30 minutes and wait 4 hours before using.

Chlorine Granule contains stabilizer (cyanuric acid) which will accumulate in spa water. Keep stabilizer within 30-100 ppm by dilution with fresh water.

For proper sanitization, spa must be completely drained periodically. The number of days between complete spa drainage is equal to the volume of spa water in liters, divided by 10 times the maximum number of daily spa users. Refill spa with water and repeat DIRECTIONS FOR USE.

Maximum spa water temperature is 40 Deg. Celsius. Duration in spa water

      at 40 Deg. Celsius