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ALKALINITY MINUS in Spas and Hot Tubs from Sani-Marc

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ALKALINITY MINUS in Spas and Hot Tubs from Sani-Marc

ALKALINITY MINUS is an Alkalinity reducer for spas. Its fast acting and odourless formula 100% soluble do not influence total solids like regular granular formulas.

Directions for use:

Maintain proper daily levels: pH: 7.2

·         Total Alkalinity: 100-150 ppm

·         If levels are higher, add 60ml of SPA MINUS GEL per 1000L of spa water to decrease pH of 0.4 and alkalinity of 14ppm

·         Spa must be in operation before adding ALKALINITY MINUS

·         Wait 15 minutes and retest pH

·         Repeat operation until recommended levels are reached