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5.5KW, 240V, M-7 Teflon Coated Offset Element


5.5KW, 240V, M-7 Teflon Coated Offset Element.

Teflon  Coated Offset  Element.Coated heater elements have a longer life than standard element. A non-porous teflon coating, will withstand corrosion and scale caused by many different factors including corrosive low pH , Calcium Scales.

Common problem in hot tub is breaker tripping. One of the main reason to trips the breaker is the bad heating element. Power leakage from the element, trips the breaker for your safety. To check this, first GFCI breaker off  ,  and disconnect the power to the heater element by removing the wires from the element or control box. If the breaker stays on , mostly it is due to the bad element.

Many occasions, short , dry fired or severe corrosion element are reasons to change the element.