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4HP Waterway 56 Frame Side Pump 220V 2" x 2" , 3721621-1D

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4HP Waterway 56 Frame  Side  Pump 220V  2" x 2" , 3721621-1D for Hot Tubs.

Out Side Diameter of Suction & Discharge side physical dimension are 3-1/16”. 

This male threaded suction and discharge side of the Wet End, fit into 2" waterways Pump Unions.1725/ 3450 RPM, 2 speed, Amp Draw (Low / High Speed) 4.4/12 Amps.

When the new pump is installed, old O-rings could shrink or not in good shape with expose to air. 

It is recommended to replace the suction and discharge union O-rings or gaskets with new one. Otherwise, possible leaks and over tightening may lead to crack unions.

Wet end could be rotated to left or right side easily.